Credit thieves: a poser’s best buddy

Credit thief(n): a person who makes reference to and/or brags about something they learned about from another party without acknowledging said party. Example sentence: “That credit thief just stole my thunder!”
Please excuse the hackneyed expression above….
Are you plagued by credit thieves in your daily life? Everyone referring to your favorite obscure band as -insert credit thief’s name here’s- band? Well you need to call the best bio-exorcist in the biz, the ghost with most: Beetlejuice! Just kidding, bonus points to whoever saw that name coming. I’m pretty sure Beetlejuice doesn’t care about your petty problems. Anyone cringing now? If you are; double your points. I won’t say his name again. No worries. And I don’t actually think your problems are petty. In fact, I’ve been having this problem a lot recently and I know how hurtful and disappointing it can be to have credit stolen from you, especially if you’re friends with the perpetrator. I don’t really have any advice on the subject but I feel your pain. Big hugs!


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